Basmati Rice

Traditional Basmati Rice.jpeg

Traditional Basmati Rice

AGL: 7.30 MM


1121 Basmati Rice

AGL: 8.35 MM

Pusa Basmati Rice

AGL: 7.45 MM

1401 Basmati Rice

AGL: 7.70 MM


1509 Basmati Rice

AGL: 8.40 MM

Sugandha Basmati Rice

AGL: 7.90 MM


Sharbati Basmati Rice

AGL: 7.00 MM


Non Basmati Rice


Non Basmati Rice

PR 11 Non Basmati Rice

AGL: 6.90 MM

PR 14 Non Basmati Rice

AGL: 6.90 MM

PR 47 Non Basmati Rice

AGL: 6.40 MM

Round Non Basmati Rice

AGL: 6.40 MM


Sona Masuri

AGL: 5.10 MM


Broken Rice

IR 64 Non Basmati Rice

AGL: 6.10 MM

Rice with Roasted Vegetables

Non Pesticides

Non Pesticides

Non Pesticides 1121 Sella Rice

on European Norms

AGL: 8.35 MM


Non Pesticides 1509 Sella Rice

on European Norms

AGL: 8.40 MM

AGL: 7.90 MM

Non Pesticides Sugandha

Sella Rice on European Norms

Sharbati Non-Basmati Rice.jpg

Non Pesticides Sharbati

 Sella Rice on European Norms

AGL: 7.10 MM

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Marhaba Overseas is a leading exporter company from India. We are an esteemed source for Variety of Rice (Basmati, Non-Basmati, Non-Pesticides) & Fresh Vegetables. We're dedicated to providing you with the best quality of rice & fresh vegetables, with a focus on dependability, customer service, and delivery.

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